A tall, four armed part-tree-part-insect humaniod, it wears a ratty tunic and carries a battered backpack


The Aktharhan Wanderer


Malc- After Farseeker escaped from the group that kidnapped them, the Aktharhan proceeded to stalk them across the countryside in revenge, causing tales of a monster hunting helpless travellers to reach the ears of Malc who was new to the area and in need of employment. A mad game of fox and houd took place, with Farseeker hunting their kidnappers and eluding Malc, and with Malc hunting Farseeker and attempting to save the ‘helpless’ travelers. in a final, wild fight Malc and Farseeker finally met, with the travelling band that first brought Farseeker to Gallowmere in the first place try and capture both oddities. with the fight between them turned into a fight to escape capture, the two end up allies, if not exactly friends.




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