The Aktharhan

The surviving guardians of a lost race, the Aktharhan are strange, part-plant part-bug guardians that live in the Darkened Expanse, a thick expanse of jungle and marsh that remains mostly unexplored. Living in a strict hierarchical system of the Keihan Queens at the top, with the guardian Eghan below, they still live in and about the cities that they once protected from outside forces.

Somber and watchful, Aktharhan are terrifying hunters and silent assassins within their native woods, but as the world opens up, so have they. They have slowly allowed the neighboring Fenghuang Empire to colonize the outer edges of the Darkened Expanse in trade for metals of all sorts, and have shown to be a steady, thoughtful race with a deep oral tradition based on survival in the harsh wilderness they keep as home.

Better than the initial reports of Akharhan, in which they made traps, terrorized colonists and soldiers, and strung up dead trespassers in warning to others who first walked into the woods.

Culture Skills

Standard – Brawn, Endurance, Evade, Locale, Perception, Stealth, Athletics, Intimidation (Influence)

Advanced – Lore, Craft, Survival, Teach, Track

Combat Styles

GM’s Note: The aktharhan use almost exclusively their natural weapons. They’re mostly unable to learn how to use normal weapons due to not having “hands” in the normal sense

Natural Weapons, Webbing, Primitive Lance

All Aktharhan use their metal clawed killing arms to fight with, and webbing to help bind prey or as a simple rope; but how they fight depends on the teachings they learned while young.

Stalker – Thriving in the dark, Stalkers will jump intruders and attack with rapid claw strikes before fading back into the scenery to follow prey from afar. They will do this as well as shriek unearthly noises meant to terrify and send their prey into flight, Stalkers with run an opponent into the ground.

Hunter – Hunters stand apart from other Eghan, using more tools and purpose built structures to help wear down opponents. A hunter will track prey across woodland and marsh, driving them towards traps and harrying them with primitive wooden lances. One of the most dangerous parts of a hunter is the webbing that they use to help build traps; produced by a gland structure in the abdomen, it is not unlike that of a massive spider, and is like sticky, sharp wire.

Brawler- Aggressive, impatient fighters, brawlers eschew the hit and run of Stalkers or battle of attrition Hunters use, and come right at their target. More heavily built, and usually wear the most ‘scavenged’ adornments from their fights. Brawlers favor close combat, and will grapple with opponents in an attempt to take them down faster.

Cultural Passions

Loyalty: Hive
Protect: Hive Borders
Love: Hunting/Stalking

Social Class

1-15 Eghan Youthling
16-45 Eghan Walker
46-90 Eghan Guardian
91-99 Eghan Wise
100 Keihan Queen

Extra Lore
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