The Ao’Si

The Ao’Si are a winged race of unscrupulous merchant people. Very small in stature, they are skilled in archery and sneaking around. They are known worldwide as people who hoard gems and broker them out to those who require them for magical purposes, at a very reasonable price of course. They live together in a small city and send out agents to find more gems and gold for them to sell back into the world.

Culture Skills

Standard Skills – Deceit, Evade, Fly, Influence, Insight, Locale, Stealth

Professional Skills – Commerce, Courtesy, Literacy, Lockpicking, Sleight, Streetwise, Survival

Combat Styles

Standard – Shortbow, Short sword, Dagger

Cultural Passions

-Loyalty: Ao’Si Race
-Love: Greed (gold and gems)
-Love: Pranks

Social Class

1-5 Thieves
5-75 Agents
75-90 Merchants
91-100 Merchant Kings/Queens


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