Fenghuang Empire

The Fenghuang Empire

The Shining Empire of the Sun, led by the wisest of Emperors, the Fenghuang Empire is a conglomeration of several smaller clans of the Feng and Huang families, combined under the banner of the First Emperor Fa, (Year 8, R.D.) has prospered and expanded outwards across the Sea of Grass to the Western Ocean and the dark forests of the south as of Year 146 O.R. Bandits, honorless tribes, and monsters prey at the edges of the Empire, which stands on shaking ground as it attempts to hold onto what its kept so far.

Honor is important, and men are enlisted in the standing army for 5 years. The word of the Emperor is word of God, and the guardian phoenix is the symbol of the Empire and its people. One may rise as the phoenix if one shows themself of true honor, and no station in life is permanent as long as one works diligently, and honors his ancestors.

Culture Skills

Standard – Endurance, Deceit, Drive, Influence, Insight, Locale, Willpower

Professional – Art (any), Commerce, Craft (any), Courtesy, Lore, Literacy, Streetwise

Combat Styles

Military Formation Fighter – Spears, Shortsword, Shields
Bowmen – Lance, Bow, Handaxe
Army Conscript – Spears, Shields, Bow

Cultural Passions

-Loyalty to the Emperor
-Search for Wisdom
-Honor the People

Social Class

1-75 Commoner
75-80 Merchant/Craftsmen
80-95 Scholar
95-100 Noblility

Fenghuang Empire

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