Minotaur People

The Minotaur People

The Minotaur people are a peaceful, nomadic society of herbivores. Folk magic is prevalent and children born with the gift of animisim are raised to be clan shaman. When attacked, the clan forms up to guard the little ones in a shield wall. They hunt and trap for hides and trade for metals and other supplies.

Culture Skills

Standard – Athletics. Brawn, Endurance, First Aid, Locale, Perception, Stealth

Professional – Art, Craft, Commerce, Culture, Folk Magic, Lore, Oratory

Combat Styles

Minotaur Ranger – Bows, Spears, Handaxes, Shields (Formation FIghting)

Minotaur Militia – Spears, Shortswords, Shields

Cultural Passions

-Loyalty: Minotaur Race
-Hatred: Abuse of Nature
-Love: Debauchery (drinking, partying, ect)

Social Class

1-5 Outcast
6-10 Non-nomadic Member
11-74 Freeman
75-89 Legendary Partier (Think Clan Elder)
90-95 Tribal leader
96-100 Descendant of the first Minotaur (Family of Paco, the first Minotaur)


Minotaur People

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