Nation of Gallowmere

The Nation of Gallowmere

The nation of Gallowmere is a peaceful merchant kingdom with a profound hatred for ‘Witchcraft’ or as other societies call it, ‘higher magic’. The majority of Gallowmere’s people are laborers, gathering materials from the bountifully rich pool of natural resources that Gallowmere happens to be sitting on top of. They lack craftsman of reputation and see better fit to trade their raw resources for coin rather than using them to produce usable goods. The ruling class is the royal family that is backed by the Seat of Twelve. An honorary title given to the twelve wealthiest and influential people in Gallowmere as they bring the nation the most prosperity in their kings name. Gallowmere has not seen war in centuries and thus has a lackluster formal military. The reason being is that everyone wants to trade with Gallowmere so no one attacks Galowmere. The minute one nation declares war. Others will either flock to Gallowmere’s aid or declare a war of their own, fighting against eachother to claim the prize. So given the over whelming odds of winning a war and the threat of trade embargos, most nations are on good terms with Gallowmere.

The people are fond of their rich history and often tell tales of their lands, particularly popular are the stories of valiant hero’s that are acted out in grand theaters. Witchcraft is forbidden in here and anyone caught practicing it is given a one way ticket to Rucklidge Asylum to be ‘Rehabilitated’. Folk magic is allowed but heavily regulated by strict laws and thus not very common. Despite this a person from Gallowmere is not disinclined to trade with someone for any reason. They will sell to anyone that has coin…provided they have enough to outweigh any prejudices.

Culture skills

Standard – Athletics, Drive Influence, Insight, Locale, Ride, Willpower

Professional – Courtesy, Commerce, Lore, Literacy, Navigation, Streetwise, Acting

Combat styles

Guard – Shield, spear, short sword
Caravan Guard – Spear, Shortbow, Shortsword (Mounted Combat)

Cultural passions

-Love: Heroic Tales
-Hatred: Higher Magic
-Love: Greed (Gold)

Social Class

1-5 Beggar
6-89 Laborer
90-99 Aristocracy
100 Royalty

Nation of Gallowmere

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