The Sveinn

The Sveinn are a outcast group of people descended from experiments of an ancient race trying to save themselves from a great calamity. The experiments have created a people that heal extremely quickly from wounds and poisons tend to have a lessened effect. The remnants of the labs have given them a very advanced understanding of alchemy, specifically with poisons. With the exception of alchemy their culture is very primitive mainly involving hunting in the deep jungle they call their home.On the rare occasion one Sveinn leaves the village they have found work most often as assassins or monster slayers.

Culture skills

Standard – Athletics, Brawn, Endurance, Evade, Locale, Perception, Stealth, Unarmed

Professional – Craft (any), Lore, Oratory, Teach, Track,

Combat Styles

Sveinn Poisoner – Short Bow, Shortsword, Throwing Knife (Skirmishing)

Sveinn Militia – Dagger, Spear, Hoplite Shields

Cultural passions

-Love: Hunting
-Love: Herbology
-Hatred: Xenos (fear and mistrust of outsiders)

Social Class

1-5 Banished
6-15 Captured Workers
16-74 Warrior/Hunter
75-95 Elite Warrior
96-100 Clan Leader


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