The Sveinn Outcast


Daniel; “Mining erry day, we mined erry day a little too hard, now there’s this fuckin monster in our mine, so this guy is all like ‘I can kill it buuuut I’m gonna need to take some volunteers with me’”

Farseer- Tales of a monster hunting helpless travellers reached the ears of Malc who was new to the area and in need of employment. A mad game of fox and houd took place, with Malc hunting Farseeker and attempting to save the ‘helpless’ travellers. in a final, wild fight Malc and Farseeker finally met, with the travelling band that first brought Farseeker to Gallowmere in the first place try and capture both oddities. with the fight between them turned into a fight to escape capture, the two end up allies, if not exactly friends.

Persain- Traveled with Persain for several months, became good friends.



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